Part 1 – Starting Your Home Shopping Process.

Today, for most people, the home shopping process starts with searching for properties on Zillow or If you live in St. Petersburg or Pinellas county in general, you can just for online, create your own search criteria, and start looking at properties of interest… Read The Full Article

Part 2 – Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

In Pinellas County Florida there are over 8,000 Real Estate agents. Just in our one office in Downtown St. Petersburg there are over 250 Real Estate Agents. So odds are, that you may already know someone who may be a Real Estate Agent. It’s also possible that you may meet real estate agents while you are attending open houses… Read The Full Article

Part 3 – Different Type Of Real Estate Contracts In Florida

There are primarily two types of Real Estate Contracts which are used in Florida to purchase a property. There is an As Is Contract and the other one is referred to as the Standard Contracts. Understanding the the difference between the two is important because you may want to use the As Is Contract or the Standard contract depending on your circumstances. Your Real Estate Agent will be able to walk you through both contracts to help you decide which one to use…. Read The Full Article

Part 4 – Negotiations Steps To Buying

Real Estate negotiations can be very complicated. There are many strategies involved in creating a fair deal where both parties can walk away from the closing table satisfied with the transaction. The As Is Real Estate Contract is structured is such a way as to provide the buyer with the opportunity to inspect the house before fully committing to the property. Therefore, there are multiple phases to the negotiation process. … Read The Full Article

Part 5 – Inspection Period with As Is Contract

After your offer has been accepted, your inspection period will start. This is when you will have a licensed inspector come out to the property to conduct a full top to bottom inspection. The inspector will provide you with a report which will highlight anything that might be a concern. You will be able to negotiate these items with the seller to figure out if the items will be repaired, a credit will be issued, or nothing will be done at all. … Read The Full Article